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Our adventure, which started in Bartın, a coastal town of Turkey in 1930, continues to be renewed and improved this way. At the beginning, we were only designing jewelry by processing gold with hand crafts. Today we are able to serve you with hundreds of employees as a third generation family business.
Our services are shaped by modern world conditions and increasing every day in new areas and in unlimited variety. Some of our services can be listed as follows. Gold dining sets are a part of gold plated spoons or custom made products. Fabric tulle and deeply used home textiles are a wide range of handmade dresses such as shoe bags, army dresses, room arrangements. Our company is the only company in the world that works with the art of distress (wire breaking) which is a local art. When your imaginary products are processed by our craftsmen, they are unique and special in the world. We can also process the products you send us. We can visit your company with our team and process your designs in place. In this context, gold rooms in the yachts are custom made. Textiles can be worked with tulle and leather products of a certain thickness, and gold and letter picture silhouette logo and pattern can be processed. Special design rooms for the guests can be made from all the metal materials you see inside your yachts. Again, curtains, tablecloths, seat upholstery, can be processed with gold tablets. All products of cutlery knife plate are made as gold design.
All products produced by our company are made entirely by hand. They are all special design. Only one of our products is produced. The effort we give for quality is appreciated when presented to your liking. The pins on which our operations are made are produced entirely from gold and hand. For more informative and detailed information please write to our mail address.


Our company, which was founded in Bartın in 1930, is managed today by 3rd generation Mustafa KÜÇÜKTABAK. Our goal as a company is to make the decision to be a world brand in the shortest and most accurate way in 1930.
Our company is operating gold mine and silver mine. For this purpose, our company is renowned for its processing of metals with the purest and least used machinery and technology. We are only working on designing original products. Initially, our productions in our company were only making custom jewelry and sets for the person. Later, he was directed to the art of declining (wire breaking) art, which is a local historical processing art. The trimming (wire breaking) artwork is in principle a process in which metal wires are knotted onto the fabric. In the past this art of crafting has been used only in the head cover and home decoration sectors for ladies. For centuries Bartin has only worked with silver-plated wire on silver or copper. Over time, this process has expanded with the fashion and designs that have evolved. As a result, our company has begun to work on every material that can be processed in this processing art by using only gold wire. Our operations using pure gold or gold in different settings add to the fact that it is already one of the most valuable special products in the world. For example, let's consider a wedding dress designed by a very famous brand. When our company is handcrafted with handmade gold tulle and custom handcrafted designs, the wedding dress will be a special wedding dress which is only one in the world. Our slogan in the wedding dress is "one in the world as exclusive as your wife". Textiles, textiles, drawings, silhouettes, logos and patterns can be processed with gold by working with tulle and leather products of a certain thickness. To give an example, wedding dress shoes purse night clothes or home textile seat sofa covers, tablecloth curtain table and almost everything else can be processed.
Our company, which adds value to your dreams with gold transactions, has unlimited variety of services. As a world brand, our main goal is to make every dream of our customers beautify with our art. We want to carry the quality of your yachts' gold-plated cars or every order product one step up. We have to make one in the world of product design. For this purpose, your request form will be immediately evaluated. It will be returned to you. Products that can be made immediately are made in our factory and delivered to you. More complicated orders that can not be made in our production but need to be done on-site require working with you. With a decision to be taken with you, we will come to your company with our team to make your orders come to life. We can create dreams together.