Yeni Sayfa 1



The information on the development of the Bartın business Tel Crush is rather inadequate due to the inferiority of concrete data and written sources. According to research, it was first seen between 1890-1900 and it is believed that the first wire breaking work was done by Hatice Ağaçkıran, who lives in the Asma district of Bartın and is known as the daughter of the clerk.

Wire crushing has become an indispensable tool for the local people to wear with their own artistic understanding. The Wire Breaking has expressed local experiences in the circles of the People of the Peoples with very nice associations among the people. Wire breaking has made the people of the region day-to-day to integrate their taste, thoughts, feelings and nature. Domestic and foreign tourists coming to the end of the development of domestic and foreign tourism over time showed great interest in Tel Kırmması. Wire Breaking, Composition and designs in 18th and 19th century. Starting from the first samples, constant change is seen.
As in many places, marriage in Bartin was preceded by local traditions. The girls, dressed in Bartin's local wedding dress, sat next to each other at a high-end in a bridal home and displayed their local clothes. The clothes that the girls wear are made of uskufa, vest, baggy, çatku and kepten. Uskufa - vest is covering and processing above the belden. It's the wire that covers her head.

The first days of wire breaking work were covered on sheets, pillows, pillow covers, bundles, cot covers and various covers. Nowadays it is used in various products such as shawl, night bag, head cover, foulard, bedspread, room set, glasses cover, handkerchief, lampshade, panel and clothes accessories which is widespread and develops which gives a mystical atmosphere.